BT One Collaborate RecordingsHow to give participants access to your recording

Listener page

The listener page is a unique page for an individual meeting recording which you can share with participants. Participants do not need to sign in to access but they will need the unique URL from the email.

To share the listener page, click on the email icon to create an email with the link to the listener page.

Learn more about emailing these details.

To edit the listener page.

Click on the date to show the expanded view. Then update the:

  • Meeting title
  • File name
  • Comment for participants

The Save changes button only becomes clickable if you have made a change. Until then, it remains grey and disabled.

Click Save changes button.

To preview the listener page, click on the date to show the expanded view.

Click on the Preview Listener page button.

This will open a new tab in your browser with "Preview" at the top. (Your participants will not see "Preview.")

To go back, close this tab or click on the other tab.

Email details

To send the download or listen by phone information to your participants, click on the email icon.

This will create a new email in your default email application.

You can edit the email content before sending. For example, you may want to outline the topics discussed or only provide the download link or listen by phone details.