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BT MeetMe VoIP Services


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BT MeetMe VoIP Services depend on many factors which include: internet connection, the hardware being used, service provided and destination of the call. The audio quality of conference calls using VoIP can be adversely affected by the speed of the internet connection and amount of programs running on the computer at the same time.

I get faint voices/high background noise/feedback/echo on some of my calls.
This can occur when users join using the computer's speaker and mic. This should be a key check for any noisy participant: ask the participant to use a USB headset and check that once plugged in the headset is the default for speaker and microphone.

What is the issue if I hear a garbled/robotic voice?
This is often caused by something called packet loss, which can occur when there is network congestion or when the computer does not have enough resources available to process the voice.

  1. First check the computer that is local to the problem
    • For Windows run Task Manager to check the PC resources (Ctrl+Alt+Del)
    • For Mac run Activity Monitor to view system memory usage.
    Physical memory - usage should be 70% or less
  2. Multiple Webex sessions - confirm that the current meeting is the only Webex session that is running on the computer
  3. Wired connection - a wireless connection can introduce quality problems so wired connectivity is recommended
  4. Network - if at home and on VPN then try a direct internet connection, as VPN may introduce additional network bottlenecks

I can't access the service.
Please re-check the instructions in your BT account welcome email and make sure you have followed all the instructions.

Will I be able to participate in a BT MeetMe / Webex conference if my internet connection is down?
It is unlikely that you will be able to join the Webex, but you still can access the MeetMe by using the dial in numbers provided in your meeting invite.

Why do I hear crackling sounds on some of my calls?
Crackling is usually a hardware issue. This could be the handset or headset or a cable. In order to fix the issue they may need to be replaced to eliminate the crackling.

Can conference participants dial into BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice from their mobile phone, landline or VoIP software client?
Yes, users can access BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice by all the usual methods. Integration with mobiles to allow Webex and BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice on mobile services will be developed later.

What spec computer do I need to run BT MeetMe VoIP Services?
You can find the minimum specifications here.

Improperly configured internal network
If your company uses both data and voice over the same network and is not properly configured the call quality can suffer. Your local IT Department will need to check into this to confirm that this is not the issue.

Latency is the small gap of time between when a call participant speaks... and the time voice data reaches the other party. A high-quality VoIP router and prioritizing VoIP traffic over your network can address this issue, and your local IT Department should know how to handle this.

Jitter is the variation in the time between packets arriving, caused by network congestion, timing, and routing issues. Your Local IT Department will have to address this issue.

Bad router
Sometimes you simply have bad equipment. If your business uses its internet connection for both voice and data, you need a router that prioritizes VoIP traffic. This is needed because if someone is downloading a huge file while you're on your call this can cause the quality on your call to deteriorate.

Poor quality and inadequate internet connection
The internet service used by your company may only be optimized for web surfing rather than VoIP services. Due to this the transportation of voice packets requires a certain internet protocol. You will need to contact your Local IT Department.