BT Conferencing streaming services

BT Conferencing Streaming services lets you deliver multi-media audio, video or web content over the internet and your corporate intranet. With streaming, or 'webcasting', your business can extend presentations and training to audiences of almost any size, virtually anywhere, anytime. It's that easy.

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Managed Streaming

Managed streaming integrates with BT's conferencing services so you can enjoy all of the benefits of true unified collaboration, ensuring that location isn't a barrier to reaching your viewers. BT Conferencing understands that event requirements vary per customer so we offer an optional comprehensive Event Management service to deliver your requirements. You can increase the number of presenters by simply adding a BT audio event call or video bridging. In addition to streaming the live event, we make a recording available, provide advanced reporting and analytics to measure engagement and effectiveness, and offer many more features. BT Conferencing offers Managed Streaming services from two partners: Onstream Media and ON24.

Self-Managed streaming

With BT Self-Managed Streaming, you schedule, organise and manage your own streamed events, enabling you to reach your target audience and ensure that location isn't a barrier to conducting efficient, cost-effective and wide-reaching events. BT Conferencing offers Self-Managed Streaming services from ON24.

Enterprise Streaming

BT Enterprise Streaming is a suite of hosted applications and client-side software that allows broadcasters, corporate communicators and other content owners to publish, protect, deliver, and measure the uptake of video and other rich media over a corporate intranet. Utilising your existing local area network, BT Enterprise Streaming provides a simple and cost effective way to deliver your message and manage your bandwidth more effectively with no upgrades or new network hardware investments. BT Conferencing offers Enterprise Streaming services from Kontiki.

Use BT Streaming for

  • Company announcements
  • Press conferences
  • Product demonstrations and launches
  • Annual and General Meetings
  • Project management
  • Investor relations
  • Distance learning/training
  • All-Hands calls

Benefits of BT Conferencing Streaming services

  • Save time and money - Cut down on travel and deliver your message from almost anywhere.
  • Engage your audience - Stream high quality live video to an internet or intranet connected audience.
  • Control your message - Pre-record or deliver your message live.
  • Increase message retention - Integrate multimedia into your message.
  • Improve efficiency - Integrated into the BT Conferencing suite of conferencing products and services.

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