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Cisco Webex Support

BT MeetMe services with Cisco WebEx (VoIP)

BT MeetMe services with Cisco WebEx are VoIP (internet-based) audio conferencing features that send BT MeetMe audio from a WebEx meeting over the internet, instead of a telephone.

BT offers two versions of VoIP audio conferencing integrated with WebEx: BT MeetMe VoIP and BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice. The key differences for the end user are:

BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice BT MeetMe VoIP
  • High definition audio combined with background noise reduction and audio levelling of each participant
  • Voice separation: participant voices come from different directions (just like being around the meeting room table)
  • High clarity audio
  • Mono, no voice separation (same as a traditional telephone call)

Participants join meetings as VoIP audio participants by selecting the Call Using Computer option from within WebEx. PSTN (telephone dial-in) or BT On-net participants (if this option has been enabled) can join the same meeting.

WebEx conferences can be scheduled using the standard WebEx tools including:

  • Cisco Productivity Tools, which are recommended for Outlook and Mac users.
  • Use your Personal Room link if you want to start an instant meeting. This can be used separately, or in conjunction with, Productivity Tools.
  • Or, you can log into WebEx directly, recommended for any time you need more advanced features.

BT MeetMe VoIP services with Cisco WebEx are ideal for locations where access charges are particularly high or where access via traditional telephone / mobile is limited.

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What you'll need for using BT MeetMe services with Cisco WebEx from your computer

An internet-enabled computer
Web browsers as for WebEx centers.

A headset with microphone
These need to be connected to your computer. To ensure good sound quality, please see this list of recommended headsets.

The BT MeetMe services with Cisco WebEx client
Launch a WebEx session to download and install the BT MeetMe services with Cisco WebEx client.

Learn more about end-user requirements.

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Chairperson Installation Checks

  • You must have been enabled with either a BT MeetMe VoIP account or a BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice account integrated with Cisco WebEx (this will have been referenced in your BT welcome email)
  • WebEx Productivity Tools are recommended for scheduling (optional and for hosts only)
  • Your account must be associated with a dedicated WebEx site set up with either WebEx Meeting Center, Training Center or Event Center (this is applicable to BT MeetMe VoIP)
  • Your account must be set up with a WebEx site for Meeting Center (this is applicable to BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice)
  • Your computer must meet the end-user requirements (confirm with your IT Department if required)
  • Using a webcam is recommended so that you can participate in WebEx sessions with video.

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Installing Cisco Productivity Tools (recommended)

Learn how to install Productivity Tools here.

Once installed, any meeting scheduled via Productivity Tools will be on the site you installed Productivity Tools from (which should have your VoIP audio conferencing feature enabled).

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Pre call checks

When joining a VoIP-enabled call, please ensure that:

  • You have no other WebEx sessions running
  • You are on a direct / wired connection to the router
  • Your headset is plugged in before joining the WebEx session
  • Your computer has the headset (USB) speaker and microphone selected

Note: Be aware that if at home or on the move, connecting over your corporate network (VPN) could introduce congestion issues.

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Downloading and installing the BT MeetMe services with Cisco WebEx client

For any meeting scheduled by a host with BT MeetMe VoIP or BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice integrated with WebEx enabled, the host and participants will be prompted to install a BT MeetMe services with Cisco WebEx client from within WebEx if no installation has previously been done and whenever the version the host or participants have installed to their computer is NOT supported anymore. You need to complete this installation to integrate BT MeetMe VoIP or BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice with WebEx.

For external participants, their environment will determine whether use of BT MeetMe services with Cisco WebEx is an option. Any participant who attempts but does not manage to install the BT MeetMe services with Cisco WebEx client can still join via standard BT MeetMe dial back / dial in.

  1. Log into your WebEx site and start your WebEx session.
  2. Once in your WebEx session, in the Audio Connection popup, select Call Using Computer.
    Join Audio conference - call using computer
  3. Click the Install button:
    Audio connection - install this application

    This will open a new web page taking you to the download site.

    If pressing Install displays an error message or does not present the download site, contact the BT Help desk - visit the Reporting an issue section for contact details.

  4. Download the BT MeetMe services with Cisco WebEx client:
  5. Follow the steps to complete the installation.
  6. Plug in your stereo headset to a USB port on your computer and select it as your preferred audio device.
  7. Once the install has succeeded, click the Connect Now button.
    Installation succeeded - Connect now
  8. Once the connection is complete, you will see a Connected to Audio icon.
    Connected to Audio
    This change may take a couple of minutes to occur.

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Testing Speakers and Microphone

Once the BT MeetMe services with Cisco WebEx client is installed the next step is to make sure that the headset you are using is recognised correctly by the computer.

Confirming the computer is configured to use the headset.

  1. Make sure your headset is plugged into a USB port on your computer.
  2. Click on the Connected to Audio icon.
    Connected to Audio
  3. In the Audio Connection dialogue box, click Change settings link

    Once you click on Change settings the device configuration dialogue box appears:

    BT MeetMe VoIP test dialogue
    Test your speakers and microphone using VoIP codec
    BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice test dialogue
    Test speakers and microphone dialogue using Dolby codec

When the headset is plugged in users should select the USB headset options as the defaults for speakers and microphone. Please note that a headset is required for VoIP (internet) calls to deliver good sound quality. If you don't see USB selections as the default:

  1. Press Refresh to see if this brings in the USB options.
  2. Select the USB option in each dropdown list.
  3. If this does not work confirm the headset options are correct in the control panel on your computer or contact your IT Department.

To test the microphone and speakers:

  1. Press the test button for the microphone.
  2. Follow the prompt to record a 7 second audio, there will be a countdown timer.
  3. When the time ends, you will hear the recorded audio in the selected headset.

When you are satisfied with what you have chosen, select Done and the device configuration box will close.

Note: Settings can be checked and testing done at any time, and may be required if you have been using computer audio for other applications.

Tip: During the session you can use the sliding scale to adjust the volume and speaker as needed (this is applicable to BT MeetMe VoIP only):

Sliding scale

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Once the BT MeetMe services with Cisco WebEx client has been installed, the Audio Connection dialogue box should be displayed within the WebEx meeting.

If for any reason the Audio Connection dialogue box is not displayed then view it by either:

  1. Clicking on the Call Using Computer icon shown in the Quick Start tab:
    Call Using Computer icon
  2. OR select Audio then Audio Connection from the tabs at the top of the WebEx display.

Join Audio over the internet by pressing Call Using Computer:
Call using computer

If you have any issues with voice quality or voice is not coming out via the headset then refer to the Testing Speakers and Microphone section above.

The Audio Connection dialogue box will display Call Me, I will Call In, and Call Using Computer.

Tip: The format of the display will be determined by the audio selections you made in your previous WebEx call.

If you want to use a telephone select either the Call Me or I Will Call In buttons and that section of the screen will expand.

Note: People joining by telephone dial in / dial back will not experience Dolby Voice call quality.

Click this... To access this...
Call using computer - call me
Call using computer - I will call in

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Call control features

Once a user is in the conference, clicking the Connected to Audio icon shows the 'Audio Connection' box. Clicking the Keypad button from within the 'Audio Connection' box opens a dialogue which allows the user to perform various actions.

Audio Connection dialog - keypad button

BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice

A BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice participant can click a Request Operator button to connect with Help Desk support:

Window to request operator support

BT MeetMe VoIP call control features

A BT MeetMe VoIP participant has access to the 'soft keypad' available in WebEx that allows audio commands to be entered:

WebEx soft keypad
BT MeetMe VoIP commands for chairperson & participants
*0 Assistance from the BT Conferencing Coordinator: Feature establishes a connection to the BT Conferencing Coordinator of the BT Help Desk.
#0 Conferencing help menu: This feature lists all touch-tone commands available to the Chairperson and the participants.
*4 Adjust Line Volume: This feature provides for the volume of all lines used for the conference being automatically adjusted and set to uniform level.
*6 Mute On/Off: Participant can mute via the keypad. To deactivate muting press *6 again.
BT MeetMe VoIP commands available to the chairperson only
#1 Play Roll Call: This feature plays back the recorded names of the participants in the conference.
#2 Number of Participants: This feature captures the participants in the conference.
*2 Stop Message: This feature interrupts all voice prompts or recorded announcements.
#3 Not available (Dial out for PSTN).
*5 Mute All Participants / Deactivate Muting: this feature enables the chairperson to mute the lines of all participants. The use of this option is particularly advisable during presentations. To deactivate muting for all lines press *5 again.
*7 Lock / Un-Lock Conference: This feature enables the chairperson to prevent any further participants from gaining access to the audio conference by locking the conference. To unlock the conference press *7 again.
*8 Recording On/Off: The audio conference may be directly recorded after the end of the conference. The recorded file may be downloaded for archiving or storage. This recording option is a service feature subject to additional charges. Although available WebEx sessions are expected to be recorded using Network Based Recording.
#9 Continue Conference: Participants may continue the conference even if the chairperson has left the call.
## End Conference: By using the ## command before ending the call, the chairperson can arrange that the conference ends at the same time.

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Desktop sharing and use of video whilst speaking

Sharing and using video with WebEx whilst speaking is supported if your computer has the memory, bandwidth or processing to meet the recommended levels, and therefore have less impact on the voice quality. Otherwise, you may notice audio quality issues.

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Ending your VoIP call

  1. Select the Connected to Audio icon in the Quick Start screen
  2. Select Disconnect Audio
    Disconnect Audio

To switch audio from VoIP (computer) to telephone dial in / dial back:

  1. Click on the Connected to Audio icon in the Quick Start screen.
  2. Click on the Switch audio icon.
  3. Select either the Call Me or I Will Call In button and that section of the screen will expand.

Note: People joining by telephone dial in / dial back will not experience Dolby Voice call quality.

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Ending or leaving your WebEx meeting

There are three methods for ending (host) or leaving (attendees) a meeting:

End meeting methods


  • The meeting host will see "End meeting", as shown above. Attendees will see "Leave meeting".
  • Only a host can end a meeting, and when the host leaves, the WebEx meeting will end for everyone.
  • Attendees can leave and return to a meeting at any time before it ends.

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