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Cisco Webex Support

Roster reconciliation

Roster Reconciliation eliminates duplication between the display of names of users who joined the audio portion of a meeting from outside the WebEx interface (Call-in User) and their WebEx participant names, and allows all meeting attendees clear visibility of who is on the call and who is speaking. It also allows the host to control muting/unmuting participants.

Roster reconciliation - separate audio and web

Link participants' names to their audio connection

On each participant's "Meeting Info" tab, a unique Attendee ID is displayed, e.g. *926759#

  1. Each participant enters this code on their telephone keypad, including the leading asterisk and the trailing hash mark, for example: *926759#. Ignore spaces in the ID string.
    Roster reconciliation - Attendee ID
  2. The WebEx session will then display the user's name with a telephone icon next to it.
    Roster reconciliation - Single representation of audio and web