Cisco WebExTM Web Conferencing

Connect with anyone, anywhere, any time.

Collaborate with colleagues across your organization, or halfway across the planet. WebEx web conferencing combines file and presentation sharing with integrated BT MeetMe audio conferencing, and video to increase your productivity and keep you connected.

Online collaboration

Enabling desktop and mobile users to collaborate fully regardless of where they are.

  • Presenter tools
    An extensive set of tools used for sharing and annotating presentations
  • Video conferencing
    Supports High Quality and HD video for collaborating more fully with internal and external participants
  • Centralised administration and support
    BT Conferencing enhances the WebEx solution by offering centralised administrative and 24x7 end user support services
  • Training and adoption
    BT Conferencing provides self paced and instructor led training courses. Welcome emails and user adoption services are provided to encourage usage

Using WebEx web conferencing

Find support for the previous version of WebEx (WBS29) here >

Integrated audio conferencing

WebEx supports audio integration with BT's global quality MeetMe audio.

  • WebEx supports audio integration with BT's globally available BT MeetMe audio service.
  • Enjoy a higher quality WebEx call with both the Chairperson and Participants able to control their audio line from inside their WebEx meeting.
  • Same user experience for traditional telephone/mobile phone (PSTN), internet (VoIP), on-net (over a BT voice network/customer IP network), available subject to customer setup.
  • Benefit from in-conference call control features: e.g. mute/unmute, lock/unlock, eject, start/stop recording.
  • Scheduling tools, including BT WebJoin, WebEx One-Click and WebEx Productivity Tools.

Internet based audio integration

Initiate and manage BT audio conferences from an IP (internet) connection directly from within WebEx. Callers can also join, disconnect and re-connect via traditional / mobile phone (PSTN).

Ideal for locations where access charges are particularly high or where PSTN (fixed line telephone and mobile phone) access is limited.

  • BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice
    Full WebEx functionality while benefiting from the clearer, more natural and effective BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice experience.

  • BT MeetMe VoIP
    Full WebEx functionality with the clarity of BT MeetMe VoIP audio.

Cisco® Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR)

  • CMR Hybrid
    • Room based video, BT WebEx and BT MeetMe in a single conference.
    • Extend the Cisco Telepresence experience to your WebEx estate, expanding your calling circle by linking Telepresence, WebEx video and data and other video endpoints.
  • CMR Cloud
    • Cisco WebEx Personal Meeting Room, cloud based Cisco WebEx video bridging and BT MeetMe combined into one, always available meeting experience.
  • Same collaboration experience across any device inside the organisation and out.
  • High-quality, feature rich BT MeetMe audio integration, globally reliable, scalable. Includes:
    • Standard BT MeetMe and IP-based calling including Dolby Voice.
    • BT On-net access if you have already invested in or plan to invest in a BT voice network.

  • Instant CMR – WebEx One-Click.
  • Scheduled CMR – WebEx Productivity Tools or web-based scheduling.
  • Personal CMR – Always available – one link for everyone.