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How to use Global Access Numbers
for international calls

Use Global Access numbers if you and your participants are in different countries. These numbers are local in-country numbers you can dial to join the same conference regardless of location while also avoiding the cost and hassle of international long-distance.

Important! The number you need to dial is associated with the chairperson's account, therefore it is the chairperson's responsibility to supply the correct numbers to his or her participants.

If you are the chairperson

  1. Your welcome email and wallet card contain a local and toll-free dial-in number, and a link to their associated Global Access Numbers. Take note of this information.
  2. View the list of standard dial-in numbers
  3. Locate your toll-free dial-in number from this list and click on it.
  4. Find the country you are dialling from, and dial either the ITFN or DDI.
  5. Bookmark or take note of this page's URL - when you invite international participants to your call, you will want to supply them with this list of numbers.

If you are the participant

  1. Check the chairperson's meeting invite — he or she may have provided you with the Global Access number for your country, or a link to where you may find it.
    • If the chairperson provided you with your country's number, use that number to dial into the call.
    • If the chairperson provided you with a link:
      • Follow that link to the list of numbers
      • Find the country you are dialing from, and dial the number associated with it
  2. If the chairperson provided you with an international dial-in number that is NOT your country's dial-in number, OR the chairperson did NOT provide you a link to a list of numbers:
    Example: A screenshot from a Global Access Numbers list
  3. If you were not provided with any dial-in number, we recommend first reaching out to the chairperson for the number or link to the numbers. Chances are he or she has just forgotten to include the number in the invite.
  4. If you are sure you have the correct information, but have difficulty connecting to the call, please contact the help desk

Should I use the ITFN or the DDI?

Whether your global participants dial in using DDI or ITFN, Global Access numbers eliminate the need for participants to remember international dialing prefixes and country codes, while also reducing the cost of joining international conference calls.

What are Local DDIs?

Direct Dial-in numbers (DDIs) are local, in-country numbers. This option reduces costs for the company, as the participants will incur any local-call cost charged by their phone companies. Whether you are the chairperson or participant, choose the Local DDI associated with the country you are in.

Example: If you are in Australia, you should dial the Local DDI for Australia.

What are International DDIs?

The International DDI is the same number as the Local DDI, however it includes the country code should a participant reside in a country that does not have a DDI or ITFN

Example: The chairperson is in Belgium, and the participant is in Albania, which in our example above does not list an available number. The chairperson can provide the participant the International DDI to dial-in. Long distance rates may be charged by the participant's phone company.

What are ITFNs?

International Toll-Free numbers (ITFNs) are toll free numbers. This option eliminates the costs for the participant dialling from a landline*, as the company incurs any costs associated with the toll-free call.

Example: If you are in Australia, you could dial the ITFN for Australia and not incur a cost from your local carrier.

*Note, some mobile carriers may charge a fee for dialing an ITFN from a mobile device. You should always check with your phone provider before making a call.