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BT Plus assisted event

Remembering everything in addition to preparing your presentation can be a challenge.

Important meetings require expert planning and execution. It’s crucial that you cover every detail before the call begins.

Our expert conference coordinators can help. BT Plus.

Bring your customers, partners and investors together for an important meeting and you will feel prepared with our managed event service, BT Plus. This service is ideal when you need a more professional touch. In addition be being able to select from many features such as record and replay, transcription and Q&A, you have the ability to consult privately with your fellow speakers in a private, “back-stage” sub-conference.

Key Features of BT Plus

  • Pre-register users register ahead of time to preview all registrants online.
  • Private sub-conference to meet with your event manager and fellow presenters before the call starts to go over last-minute details.
  • Personalised introduction of the host and any speaker(s) into the call
  • Web presentation. Add an interactive visual element to your conference with web conferencing. Display documents, PPTs or other visuals
  • End-user support and education programmes - receive helpful hints and tips on how to use the service and all of the features
  • Post-event activities and distribute recordings to participants who could not make the live event. Receive participant lists to feed your CRM systems to follow up with any post event materials.