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How do I get my most recent invoice?

Manage Invoices - one account

If you manage only one account:

  1. Right after you log in, click on the Download My Most Recent Invoice link under Your Quick Links.

If you manage multiple accounts:

Manage Invoices - multiple accounts
  1. Click Invoices.
  2. View All Invoices in my corporate hierarchy.
  3. Manage Invoices - multiple accounts
  4. Click the folder icon of the account number.
  5. Manage Invoices - multiple accounts
  6. Click the Invoice Number you wish to view.

How do I get a past invoice?

If you manage only one account:

Past Invoices - one account
  1. In the horizontal navigation along the top, click on Invoices.
  2. If you need to view that invoice, click on the PDF icon next to the Invoice Number. You may look at historical billing data, 6 months before the current month. For any invoices prior to 6 months, please call or email the help desk.
  3. Then select the Billing Period you need to view. You will see an Invoice Summary of that billing period.

How do I get a paper invoice if I pay by credit card?

You will not receive a paper invoice if you pay your bill by credit card. However, you will receive an email informing you that your current invoice is available for download. This PDF version of the invoice is the same as our paper invoice. It can be printed or saved to your computer. See pages 7 or 8 for instructions on "How do I get my most recent invoice".

How do I change my email address?

To change your email address, please contact the help desk by calling
UK freefone 0800 77 88 77 and select the appropriate billing option
International direct: +44 207 402 0303
or emailing