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Investing in our workforce

We know that recruiting the right person for the job is key to a successful business. That is why BT Conferencing uses our own conferencing tools to recruit people from all around the world, making our HR processes more efficient and carbon friendly.

‘BT has approx. 20,000 people in 61 countries outside the United Kingdom.’

BT Conferencing has helped our own global organization introduce flexible working conditions across our workforce, and revolutionised remote working standards and business practices for many of our employees. This is largely supported by our own adoption of conferencing products, services, and tools, and provides our employees with a greater level of work/home life balance.

‘BT has 10,000 people that work from home and 64,000 more are equipped to work flexibly.’

If you’re thinking about introducing flexible working solutions such as conferencing into your workforce and need advice, why not contact us?

Improving performance

Performance is very important to BT. We conduct an annual survey of employees undertaken by the University of Bradford and Sustain IT to provide a benchmark of our performance, including how conferencing is used within BT.

Our latest survey results reported an 82% increase in usage of conferencing over the last 2 years. 71% felt conferencing reduced stress/time spent travelling. 65% told us conferencing helped them to gain better control of their time and 64% said it helped them to stay in touch with colleagues.*

BT is using conferencing collaboration solutions to maximize efficiency and enhance performance to become more sustainable - in return our employees are sharing the benefits.

BT Conferencing can work with you to help improve your company’s performance. Get started today by learning more about BT’s sustainability programmes.

*Survey of 9986 BT staff in 2008